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Blink three times ...
If I still look the same, begin panicking!
For, my Instant Giant Pill has obviously worked.

A little bit about ME ...

My history ... Having dashed my way from South Africa to Australia in 1987 - on the back of a very fit and confused looking Springbok, who fortunately also turned out to be an excellent long distance ocean swimmer - I soon settled into the Ozzie way of life. 

My studies ... I studied Psychology, only to discover that no textbooks or theories identified any condition that even closely accounted for my level of "loopyness".  

marriage ... I am married to a wonderful, loving woman, who is also a yet-to-be-discovered comedian. She has such a wicked sense of humour that I’m often reduced to tears. My playful darling has a heart of gold and always does the right thing by everybody. She is a loyal partner and a doting parent to our brood of five. She is a lawyer by day and a fluffy toy mender by night. She’s my Cinderella, only much more radiant! 

My children ... I have five quirky children, each equipped with a great sense of humour and wonderful personality. They make me laugh, cry, and often sigh. But I love them all. We have a computer-wiz, a dog-whisperer, a thrill-seeker, a fact-finder and a sugar-diviner

My books ... The characters from Books I, II, III & IV have been alive in my head for years, hence my continual scalp itch.  It is great to finally set them free. There are still hundreds of other characters waiting to be released. I anticipate releasing at least ten books in this series ... possibly more!


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