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'I loved The Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie. It is the best book I have ever read.' - Michael Berkman (10)
‘I read this in no time at all, it was simply fantastic I couldn't put it down. It is the most the most exciting and funniest book I've ever read. I can't wait for the next edition.’ - Athos Sirianos (10)
‘Both my son and I have read the book. It is wonderful to see an eleven year old sitting engrossed in a book with a smile, a look of total immersion, a slight chuckle and very often a heartfelt loud laugh. The book has been magnificently written ...’ – Sharyn McKay (mum)
'This is a very interesting book. The features about the creatures are unique and also very funny.The illustrations were fantastic and interesting. I enjoyed the book very much. Well done Larry Rosenzweig.' - Victor Chen (10)
‘I'm really enjoying your book. It's exciting and I'm always looking forward to what is going to happen next. I love all the characters especially Dementia. He has bad habbit of forgetting things.’ – Andrew-Dean Foster(10)
‘The Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie is the best book i have ever read’ – Noah Gadsden (9)
‘A book with lots of laughs. A lot of imaginative settings and people with lots of new ideas. Everything totally original never been seen before. . Thanks for a good read I loved it. A great book four and a half out of 5, I will upgrade it to five if you  please please  write another as I want to continue seeing what happens to the characters. Also will you have any new ones?  Thank you’ - Declan M. (11)
'Book 1 blew me away! Book 2 was sheer genius!! You are by far my favourite author by a long shot. When can we expect Book 3?' - Rowan B (16)
 ‘I gave a copy of the Galactic Adventures  of Alex McKenzie to my grandsons, Lachlan (10) and Nicholas (8). They have both become very keen on reading. Both boys absolutely loved the book and the characters. They cannot wait for the second book in the series. Could you let me know whenthe second book will be available ...’ - Charles Szigeter (grandfather)
"My kids (Molly-13 & Ben-15) loved Book 1 & 2. They told me some of the things that go on and I just had to read it myself. What an incredible imagination and refreshing writing style. You now have three devoted fans." - Kylie M (a young 41)
‘fantastic story ,great characters -waiting for book 2 to come out’ Erin Lurie (15)
"The Soul wizards are the best. They can do all sorts of dangerous and crazy stuff and still survive. They're so lucky to be made of rubber." - Magdalene Apostolou (11)
' ... look no further than the Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie, my kids and I love it! ...' - Ian Davey (Dad)
'I loved your book!! it was such a good book i couldn't put it down ... i cant wait for the next book!' - Aya Tamir-Regev (13)
  "My daugher Elli (11) loved The Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie. She can't wait to read the entire series." - Bill Diamantopolous
" ... my granddaughter (11) thoroughly enjoyed Book I. She thought the story was great, and she really enjoyed all the characters, and thought they were very funny.  So I have ordered the second volume for a Christmas present!  Thanks!" - Ann B (grandmother)
"Thank you for the book. Nicholas and I have already read it. The imagination put into it is collosal. Personally my favourrite character is 'Fluffel'. The series overall is awesome! Thanks again!" - (L&N - ages 11 and 9)
'My five year old daughter loved listening to Book I and Book II. And I loved reading them to her. I found myself laughing hysterically at times. We both await Book III. Is April 2010 still correct?' - Sandra T. (mum)
"Our kids (boys aged 10 & 12) loved The Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie. The older one thought it was more exciting than The Lord of the Rings. They can't wait for Book III" - (The Loveridges)
" ... since starting to read Book 1 Journey to the land of lonely I have not been able to put it down at all. I did buy this for my kids to read but they will just have to wait a little longer to read it. Very good array of characters one reminds me so much of my daughter lol. I carn't wait to get the next one in the serious thanks Larry keep up the good work you do." - Chris Nichols (47)
"Mandy and I (David) met you at the St Kilda night market a few weeks ago - remember the two 'travelling pommies'. We both LOVED Book I & II and will order Book III online as soon as it comes out . You are the new Douglas Adams. Your books are a must read for any fans of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy." - David Netto (26)
"Hi Larry. We met you at Como House. My daughter Simone (14) is an aspiring writer. She has just finished reading Book I (Journey to the Land of the Lonely) and she absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for writing such a lovely inscription to her. I'm sure she will finish Book II shortly. I think you said Book III comes out in April. Where will the launch be?" - Jane Delsanto (mum)
'My name is Dee Williams (middle aged). I met you at the Carribean Gardens Market a few weeks ago (I don't expect you to remember me). You convinced me to read The Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie. Despite my initial reservations, I have to say, I don't remember enjoying a book as much as this one. I should have purchased a copy of Book II as well - because I'm now hooked! Will you be at the Carribean again? If not, where can I purchase Book II?'
'My daughter, Jane, is eleven years old and your biggest fan. She has read Book 1 at least eight times and Book 2 even more times than that. We live in Geelong and got your books at the Sk Kilda night market. Will you be back next year and will book 3 be out by then? Happy to make a trip especially to get it!' - Cindy Wiggins (mum - Geeolong)
'I gave book 1 to a family friend last year. Coincidentally, we saw them over the weekend and we spoke about the book. Her son (Max aged 11 I think) loved it so can you please send me 2 copies of Book 2. Sign one to Max, the other is for my family ...' - Eshel Baron (dad)

'I have a 10 year old daughter who absolutely loved your 1st book. Her great grandmother bought it for her at the Warrandyte Market where she had it signed by you for Elsie. How much is book 2 in $AU? Would it be possible to have book 2 signed by you as well? Thankyou for reigniting the reading passion in our daughter' - Emily McCormack (mum)

"It is such an AWESOME book I loved every part of it. I really like Majika." - Tahlee V.
'Hi Larry. Is 23 August a definate release for Book III? I desperately need it shipped to W.A. before 1 September. My son's birthday is on the 2nd and he is a huge fan. What are my chances?'- David H.
"The books are very interesting and I am loving them. You've got alot of description in the book, lots of vocabulary and interesting characters. It's one of the best books I've read."- James N (9)
"I am the Librarian at ... Primary School in ...  Following recommendations from a student who has purchased and read the first 2 books in your series  “The galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie,”  with rave reviews,  I would like to purchase all 3 books in the series for our Library. 
The student told me he bought them from The Eltham Community Market some months ago.  I went there on Sunday but unfortunately you weren’t there.  (It was a miserable day).  I asked a few stall holders who remembered you.  One being the gentleman who had the bread stall.  He said he read your first book and it had good morals. Another recommendation!
I am now wondering if you could supply the 3 books to us and you invoice the school if that is possible please?"
"I absolutely adored the galactic adventure of Alex McKenzie 1 & 2. The characters are lively, colourful and entertaining and the writer has the most wonderful imagination and a wicked sense of humour. Oh, and I am 38 so the books are not just for kids. Thank you Larry, for sharing your imagination in such wonderful, happy and fun books". - Yaelle Saltman (mum -38)
"They are the best books I've ever read in my life!!! I can't wait to read book 3. Getting it for my birthday present from my gran in November. I want to be a writer like you one day. Can you please give me some tips." - Ashley B. (12)
"I have just finished reading book 3. I loved it. What an amazing ending!!! How long do I now have to wait for book 4. Will Neuro be in the next book? I hope he is." - Mandy (11)
"Hi, I'm Frannie. We spoke for a while when you were at Park orchards. Your son persuaded me to purchase Book 1 for my grandson. Well, Josh has already finished reading it and loved it. He wants Book 2 and 3 now. That will be his Chrsitmas present. Can I still get them for $10 ten each? And how do I get them? I went to the "purchase copy" area but I dont have paypal." -
Frannie - Grandmother.

"... I’ve read all the books and I think they’re the best books I’ve ever read and I’ve read the Harry Potter series multiple times. My mum bought all three of your books at the Monty Primary School Fete ..." - Adam B (Year 7) 




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